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Redefining You

Join the waitlist for the course that will help you redefine who you are and how you show up in your relationships, to create a soul aligned life with more ease, confidence and authenticity! 

Next round will be in January 2023!

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The Redefining You course will launch 10/24/22 for registration.

Redefining Your Identity is the easiest way to live the authentic life you desire! The truth we are meant to change, we constantly evolve as we heal, it's about discovering who you are now and telling the universe what you want!

You are invited to join me in this 8-week deep dive into who you are becoming! When we understand who we are, we learn to unwind our old ways of being and confidently embody our new identity in order to navigate our relationships with more ease and live a soul aligned life! 

This is the secret to creating the authentic experiences you desire in all areas of life.

This is more than a course, it's a Transformation through Elemental Ceremonies. 

Redefining You

The course will help you:

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Course will re-launch January 2023

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