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Realign to your soul on all levels
through healing your past and integrating your shadows.

Meet Brittany

Shadow Work Coach & Spiritual Healer


My name is Brittany and I founded Harmonics of the Soul with the intent of creating a heart-centered business focused on facilitating a safe space for the healing and spiritual growth of my clients. My joy comes from helping people find their own path to healing and guiding my clients to step further into their own soul's magic. I hold the belief that healing works best when it is a collaborative process.


As long as I can remember, I knew I had a calling towards service in helping others. It is actually through my own shadow work, healing my own traumas, facing my triggers and rewriting my own conditioned stories that I really discovered what my calling truly is. It's the coaching that I wanted when I started my spiritual awakening, it's the transformative soul level healing creates life changing shifts. My work focuses on healing the point of origin of the trauma from whether it be from this life or a past life, so it can be seen fully, acknowledged, released with mindfulness and integrated in consciousness. It's the spiritual development and growth that I sought out when I was first stepping onto my spiritual path. Its helping clients with the soul level Shamanic repair and realignment that restores the core essence of our being and opens us to full become who we are.

The processes of transformation and upleveling our consciousness, never really ends but it absolutely gets easier to move through. I now stand empowered by my journey and fully committed to my destiny of using the psychic gifts my soul has spent lifetimes developing, the knowledge my human experience has taught me and the energetic heart centered frequencies I have come to find comfort in on my own journey.

About Me

Why I Created Harmonics Of The Soul...

We are all infinite beings having a human experience which comes with shadow work that we must heal and breakthrough in order to grow in our spiritual development and align with our soul's purpose. Shadow work is the lessons our soul chose to grow from in this lifetime, its the karmic patterns and karmic relationships that we have a chance to harmonize. Its an opportunity to break free from the conditioning of our circumstances and upbringing, its doing the inner work so we can heal from the traumas we have experienced. Shadow work is about shining a light on the inner work and healing, integrating and rewriting our limiting beliefs and stories.  When we feel stuck in a pattern and out of alignment or ungrounded, our energetic frequency can shift and feel heavier from the stuck energies and emotions in our field, making it more difficult to find our way to our true selves.

Harmonics of the Soul was created to help facilitate and hold a space for heart centered healing. My goal is to support you through your shadow work by helping shift your energetic frequencies and creating the container for you to work through the discovery of the stories that keep us small, through the patterns and triggers we face, and to the other side of the transformation process.  I want to celebrate your growth and expansion as you step into a more aware, aligned, and embodied version of you. The deeper we face our own shadow, the more we shift into alignment with our purpose and the more space we create for ourselves to discover our soul's magic.

About Us

Let's work through your shadows and Quantum leap you into greater alignment with your soul, your purpose and your magic.

“The energy healings that I have received from Brittany have all been lovely experiences. I have always felt lighter after each session. Her unique method of healing taps into your quantum field and she removes the bits of energy that you no longer need. I highly recommend her!"

- Victor Q.

"Brittany has mastered her psychic gifts and is sharing them with the world! I am so thankful for our sessions and hope people will just give themselves permission to discover themselves in a new light; you will be better for it in the end."

- Syna M.

Brittany has seriously tapped into so much sacred knowledge, and I have had mind blowing, unexplainable, magical experiences with her!  Every moment I receive with Brittany is without a doubt a divinely aligned gift where time is nonexistent, and she always leaves me better than where she found me!!!

- Hope F.

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